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Jessica & Chris - New Orleans Engagement Photography

Jessica and Chris have the most adorable story. They were on the same cruise and had been hanging out with eachother's friend groups by chance. They never even met or said a word, but they do remember seeing eachother! Several months later, fate would have them run in to eachother at a Jake Owen concert. Jessica really wanted to meet Chris, but was being shy, lucky for her, her best friend took the lead and went over to introduce herself and Jessica to Chris, they finally met and instantly had a connection. The rest, as they say, is history!

I so enjoyed spending the evening with these two. Jessica had a ton of great ideas and we all laughed and joked like old friends the whole session! Fate knew what it was doing, and gave these two plenty of oppourtunties to come togehter, I am so glad they did. You can see for yourself, these two were definitely meant to be.

New Orleans' classic City Park background was just perfect for this couple!

I love Jessica's look in that photo.

Those letters were such a great touch!

Stunning Couple

Gators!? I mean we can forgive him, right!?

Adorable save the date idea.

And they ended it with a kiss!! Such a lovely evening with this gorgeous couple! Thank you for letting me capture these memories you two!



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