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Alyssa & Eddie's Elopement

Have you ever met someone and instantly felt like you've known them forever? That's how I felt meeting these two lovely people! We had such a wonderful time shooting their New Orleans elopement at City Park and subsequent portraits on Frenchman Street.

Alyssa and Eddie have known eachother since highschool and even though they didn't date then, they act just like you'd expect high school sweethearts to be! One of the most in-love and carefree spirited people I've ever met!

They let me do my thing, and I must say we came out with some amazing photos. I hope you enjoy seeing their day as much as I enjoyed capturing it!


Thank you SO much Alyssa & Eddie - you two really have a "Rare Form" of love. Hold on to it with all you've got! <3



This ceremony was officiated by Betty Davis with

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